Module 7 - Introductory Paragraph

Ecological events can affect economy in many ways. Whether we are discussing man's impact on the environment or the environment's impact on man, the two are inexorably linked. Modern examples range from hurricanes which devastate impacted areas, to the recent Gulf oil spill. In each case trade and transportation of goods are immediately impacted. Gulf families who have depended on fishing for generations abruptly lost their way of life. As a corporation, BP saw their profits plummet. And a governmental officials who oversee environmental controls are still trying to make sense of the event and plan for future off shore oil needs. This example of man-made environmental disruption is even more poignant coming on the heals of the natural devastation and disruption in trade and industry wrough by hurricane Katrina in the same region. My Wiki will explore how ecological events impacted trade in the Aegean from its origins in the third millennium BC, through the first millennium BC. Of particular interest will be a discussion of how the eruption of the volcano on Thera during the second millennium BC affected trade in the area. Additionally, I will look for evidence in the archaeological record of how trade may have changed in response to man's utilization of and impact on the natural environment.